6885 Southwest Fwy,

Houston TX, 77074

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Studio Hotel

Membership Club!

We UNITE everyday people and make your life into an amazing story! 


your journey starts with us.

CEO, Founder | Kenny Styles


Motion Pictures



I'm from Louisiana. We never had anything like this there. I feel like I would have been a lot further along in my career if I did. But I'm here in Houston now, and this is everything in one!


—  Teryon, Artist

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Every Sunday, 5pm - 8pm.

Walk-ins and auditions will be captured on video.

Membership Club: Studio Auditions!


Hotel Members only: Mon - Sat

Weekly tv show!

Want to be noticed for your Talent!

Each week we produce a new web episode called (The Production).

A TV Show created by producer Kenny Styles. Made to unite our city through our Houston actors, artists, models and talents in the face of a growing epidemic -


The reality tv show is shot inside of our privately owned Hotel property.

Kenny Styles has the idea to bring 1000's of local actors and talents together, having everyone to flex

their skills and create followers!


Each episode will feature new talents and aim to create new followers, while restoring the 130 room Hotel back to its former days and making it a major motion picture studio and entertainment clubhouse.


  • Htown motion pictures production studio (pass)

  • Hotel clubhouse, lounge and swimming pool area

  • In house photographer, videographer, creative team

  • Directors, writers, publishers, PR, talent agency

  • Multi-cultural reps, asian, philippine, Mexican

  • Portfolio development, national recognition

  • In house editors team, music studio, sound engineer

  • Lighting, camera crews, for social media monologs

  • Radio and television broadcast, in house reality show!

  • Rooms to stay in overnight (24/7) Hotel check-ins

  • Main stage for comedy spotlight or theater skits

  • Hard wood floors for dance practicing, rehearsals 

  • In house product creations, promotions sales team

  • Marathons, Events, Fundraisers, Galas, Red Carpets

  • Movie Premiers, Game Shows, Contests, Challenges

  • Commissions and Residual Payments for Managers

  • Annual Awards, Celebrations, Conferences, Workshops

  • Make money as you gain followers on Social Media!

  • Exclusive Music App - Music Money Market, Profits