Motion Pictures

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Be part of our major motion picture productions,

 Hotel Clubhouse and exclusive acting studio!


...Must live and commute in Houston!

OPEN HOUSE - Signup! Every Sunday, 4pm to 9pm.

Bring a group of your most talented friends! All

(Walk-ins) will be captured on video for our tv show.

( Talent Auditions: Every Sunday! 4-9pm)


Members only parking - Mon-Sat, All day!

Hotel Clubhouse / Studio!

Get Recognized for your Talent!

    Hotel Studio Clubhouse will include:

  • A Motion Picture Production Studio Parking (Pass)

  • Hotel Clubhouse outdoor lounge and swimming pool

  • Hotel rooms converted into LIVE video sets, studios

  • In house Photographer, Videographer, Creative team

  • Directors, Writers, Publishers, PR, Talent Promoters

  • Multi-Cultural Reps, Asian, Philippine, Mexican...

  • HR Office, Portfolio Cabinet, National Sponsors

  • Insurance policies, Attorney Rep, Unified Benefits 

  • An Editors Team, Prof. Music and Sound Engineers

  • Lighting, Camera Crews, for Social Media monologs

  • Radio and Television Broadcast, in house Reality Show

  • Kitchen, TVs, Lounge, Grill, Coffee Bar, Party Room

  • Rooms to stay in overnight (24/7) Hotel Check-ins

  • Practice and Training Coaches, for Hotel Members

  • Managers, Advisors, Counselors, Volunteers, Interns

  • Recognition as a Houston Actor, Model, Artist… 

  • Marathons, Events, Fundraisers, Galas, Red Carpets

  • Movie Premiers, Game Shows, Contests, Challenges

  • Commissions and Residual Payments for Managers

  • Annual Awards, Celebrations, Conferences, Workshops

  • Make money as you gain followers on Social Media!

  • Exclusive Music App - Music Money Market, Profits