Headquarters, HQ

  • Motion Pictures

  • Commercial Ads

  • TV Shows, Music

  • Events, Parties

  • Talent Mgmt.

  • Marketing Agency

  • Room Rentals

  • Real Estate Co.

Our Hotel Studio


Motion Pictures

A Platform for Houston Talents!

  • Merchandising

  • Fundraising

  • Conferences

  • Banquets

  • Coffee Bar

  • Breakfast Bar

  • Wifi Lounge

  • Swimming Pool

  • PhotoShoots

  • Memberships

130 Rooms

2 Conference Areas

Swimming Pool

Kitchen, Food Bar

WiFi Lounge


We Love What We Do

We are Htown Motion Pictures. Our aim is to make entertainment, movies, tv shows and major media productions ongoing. To be a standard movie production studio, hosting movie actors and actresses around the globe. Membership to our studio club is $25 a month to join. Call Kenny Styles for details.


1000 people working together in Houston to bring about our own motion picture industry!


Have fun in the production business creating motion pictures, music & video entertainment!


Launch a industry; careers for actors & artists who want to be in the show business!

Thank you!

USA Lights

Southern Actors Guild


Donate to the Southern Actors Guild, to help us create more movies and shows in Houston. We need money to buy comforts for our talents, like hair and make-up stylists, clothing, food and drinks on sets, props and materials.

We need help to pay for basic stuff like air conditioning on sets and for vehicles like sprinter vans and RV's to keep our members cool in the Houston summer between shooting their scenes.

How does it work?

  • Join our SAG, pay just $25 a month to start acting!

  • We book you in photoshoots and video shoots monthly

  • You make a residual income quarterly off our shoots

  • Bigger videos and shoots make bigger income and pay

  • As you do more work with us, your income gets higher

  • New people bring in new projects, ideas and new work

  • We want members who are always ready, willing and able

  • We do non-stop photos, tv shows, videos and music

  • In time we want to retire actors in our movie industry

  • Make up to $6000 monthly, in photo/video shoots