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Do you love making videos, music and movies? These are the States in the Southern Actors Guild!

STEP 1. Join our Southern Actors Guild!

Meet hundreds of actors and actresses, be part of our private movie productions industry in Houston and around the world.

STEP 2. Create regular video promo material!

Start creating professional videos and photos for your social media and website followers to like. Gain National Attention.

STEP 3. Get more interviews tell us your story!

Every new talent must learn to share their stories, like a star. People want to hear your side of the national conversation.

STEP 4. Get cast in major movies and videos!

Now that your experience has been established. We go about finding bigger and better rolls in commercial, videos and movies.


Our aim is to give you global exposure, new movie roles, radio promotions with televised productions, events and show times, make major performances. We put you in the spotlight.


The Southern Actors Guild will promote you globally. The longer and harder you come to act the more we take notice.

We are looking for special talents who want to build up our industry. We cannot make you take acting seriously.

Entertainment is a sport, acting is a chosen profession like painting or engineering. It takes time and money to become an actor.

Everyone must learn how to mesh together personalities, feelings, differences and opinions to get their things done.

Everyone must pay into the guild monthly, for the guild to meet their needs properly. Actors need benefits and common pay.  

SAG is a way to get yourself in the major industry. We offer support and resources to career actors and talents, big and small. A way to rise to the next level as working actors and performers.

SAG actors, artists, models and talents need comforts such as air conditioning, makeup artists, hair stylists, wardrobe consultants, studio sets, transportation, on set food and drinks, acting coaches, assistants and interns to help make things easy and fun. Our industry needs regular studios, camera crews, lighting and sound engineers.


We want more support and comforts in Houston, TX for our motion picture industry. Get involved as an industry actor! >>


SAG and Htown Motion Pictures will provide talents with "Ongoing Comforts"  for a small price. A Citywide Membership Plan to serve new actors and entertainers who are serious and have the ability to pay for certain comforts and care. We want a thriving movie industry in Houston. We cannot afford to waist more precious productions and time on low quality sound, equipment and studio engineering. We aim to raise the bar really high, in Houston. 


Everyone pays in to "HTOWN Motion Picture" productions. No one is too big or exempt from our industry. The more talents we have the wealthier and stronger our production industry becomes. People will pay for shoes, clothes, phones, apps, nails, hair, fast food, ball games and so many other things. But none of these things can make a CAREER. Instead, talents should be collaborating together in our motion picture industry with the other thousands of talents. The bigger we get, the better we are. 


Soon we will be the biggest motion picture production industry in the world. It will take some time, but we have the resources to do it. Houston is ready baby! Our talented actors and entertainers will fill commercial orders for stores, clothing brands, cereal companies, car sales, product sales, services, restaurants and more. Our members get compensated for their time, talent and ability to sell products and productions. The sky is the limit.


Our agency works 24/7 behind the scene, keeping members in the spotlight and making money. We work like a control tower at an airport. Our talents may travel all over like airplanes, crossing paths. We work to keep everyone happy by keeping careers from crashing; by safely guiding everyone to their destinations. And helping to organize productions and crews. Managers communicate and assist talents needs.


Fame has a lot of issues that can arise. A vehicle can get a flat tire on the way to a performance. Parents and family may let you down. You may have had to much to drink the night before. Your manager is the first person to call if and when you need assistance and help. 


All of these things have happened before. Not saying that they will ever happen to you, but buyers (producers) who are paying for our studio; thousands of dollars to make a movie production or tv show, and you are scheduled to be in it, along with other talents. They're counting on things to go correctly. And if they don't who will protect (insure) or fix problems and issues if and when things go wrong?


People who drive expensive sports cars can afford to buy insurance. The same goes for CAREER talents and entertainer looking to get a big pay day. You need to have (insurance) agency management. Because having no representation is like being a sports car without insurance. Everything is ok until an accident happens. If it can't be fixed, it's BAD. No one wants to loose money, on unforeseen issues. This is why talents need a Talent Association. At SAG we cover you so producers pay the big bucks!

1.) We open up a new account for Htalents at our clubhouse. Your club account is used to cover your professional entertainment career. As your account matures, you are able to have bigger career benefits.


As you do more performances like movies, television, radio, events and media your portfolio will generate a higher value. So do more high end entertainment for more publicity, followers, likes and reviews to keep your portfolio relevant, current and at a higher value.


There are no easy ways to the top. We update you on all the latest and greatest happenings, shows, parties and events around Houston. It's like working in Hollywood motion picture industry, HTOWN Motion Pictures is connected. We will provide you with exclusive details about new movie productions, casting calls, locations, performance tours, radio interviews, television series, theater plays, fundraisers, anything to keep you paid in the spotlight.

We may also inform you on what to say or do in certain public situations, negotiations or big contract deals. We help to bring you bigger contracts, more wealth, connections, paid productions, sponsors and endorsement deals. We try to create the best opportunities and lifestyle for you.


2.) We negotiate contracts with buyers, clients and investors. We offer up your services, time and talent for money. If a contract is breached by you, you don't get sued by the producer for the loss of money. They talk to us, you're our talent. This makes producers and buyers (clients) happy when they know they can get recompensed from us.


Broadcast journalist agencies:

If you want to produce your own movies or videos, a tv show or corporate commercial as your own, give us a call at: (844) 323-7827

Some talent agencies specialize in the representation of television news broadcast journalists and television news magazine hosts. The journalists and hosts represented by these agents primarily work at television stations in local markets or at networks. There are many job titles for broadcast news journalists such as anchors, reporters, weather casters, sports casters, correspondents and hosts.


Commercial and Theatrical agents:

Actors may be interested in working theatrically (stage, film or television) as well as in commercials. Some agents will handle all types of acting work, while others may specialize in a particular area. Some agents work only in the field of television, or only in film and television. Typically, the larger the agency, the more specialized the agents within the agency.


An agent has two sets of clients: the "talent" (actors, models, voice-over artists, etc.) and the "buyer". The buyer can be a casting director, advertising agency, production company, photographer, or direct client if the client has an "in-house" production staff. Agents promote talent to the buyers, submitting talent who have the appropriate age, race, sex, look, talent, etc. that the buyer is seeking for his/her project. Usually, an agent submits the actor's head shot or the model's composite card or portfolio to the buyer. After the buyer has made choices, the agent then arranges an audition (or for models, a "go-see" or open call). After the buyer has met the talent, the buyer will contact the agent if any of the talent will be hired. The agent will coordinate the details of wardrobe, directions, etc., as well as negotiate the contract or pay.

Note that the agent's job is to get the talent auditions; the talent is the only person who can get the job. For their work, agents take a 10 to 20% commission of the gross, depending on whether the job is union (such as SAG-AFTRA) or not. Union jobs are paid per negotiated guidelines, but in non-union jobs the pay is sometimes delayed.

A well established agent will have networks upon networks of contacts. Also, agents have access to professional casting services. Many of these casting resources are not available to the general public.


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